Beginning Fence Class

Ready to step up from the boxing classes, but not quite ready for full fence classes? Enter the NRCHA Beginning Fence Work classes – a brand new provisional class for 2020 and 2021!

PRCHA will have these at all of its 2020 shows!

To be eligible to compete in this division, contestants must be horse show Non Pro Limited eligible and enter the horse show Non Pro Limited class. Work to consist of reining pattern that will run concurrently with the Non Pro Limited class, and single cow work.

Exhibitors are allotted one minute and thirty seconds to complete the work. Time shall begin when the gate closes behind the cow after being let into the arena. When there are 30 seconds left, the announcer will announce, 30 seconds remaining. At one minute and thirty seconds, the announcer will call for time. Exhibitors are not required to use all of the allotted time but must ride until the judge ends the run with a whistle or time expires, whichever occurs first.

There are four parts to the work: boxing the cow; setting up the cow and driving / rating it down the fence to the opposite end of the arena; and boxing it at the opposite end of the arena, and then driving/rating the cow past the middle marker again. There is no expectation that the exhibitor will make a ‘fence turn,’ rather the drive down the fence demonstrates correct position and control around the corner.

Watch an example, performed by Lauren Boychuk and Ima Miss N Texas, posted by NRCHA.

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